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A social and support organisation for invited female artists based in Sydney.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

REPORT - Slide Night*

The SLAC inaugural slide presentation night was an enjoyable one, with a variety of subject matter including found slides, art work documentation, foreign locations, Sydney events and a dead dog. Thankyou to Stephen Mori for the use of his gallery; members and guests (Luke Parker, Christopher Dean, Robert Lake and Roy). Members found it difficult to choose such a limited number of slides, so Iwould like to plan another slide night for early next year. I think we've only scratched the surface of some brilliant archives. We could possibly find another gallery venue - any suggestions? I personally would enjoy ever-changing locations for these events. I've got the slide projector and esky ready. Thankyou to all members & guests once again for an interesting evening.

To see more images from the slide night, go to:

*(this report was written by the organiser of the event, Reg)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fantasy las Vegas at Marrickville RSL

I am going to Marrickville RSL for XXXmas Eve to see the fantastically taudry "Fantasy Las Vegas" strip show.
This includes a special guest appearance from Australia's Pole Dancing Champion, (her name escpaes me) who is pretty amazing in an athletic circus act kind-of-way.
I think the first show is at 8pm (but I could be wrong) and the second at 10pm.

I can't think of a better way to enter into the XXXmas spirit! A night to remember!!!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Netball Bonanza

A fantastic review and photos by E.Pulie of the competitive ball game gala day, netball.
As another member of SLAC I've added here a few remarks:
It was an afternoon filled with sweat, small heart attacks from some bodies that wern't what they were when young, competitive streaks and one bloodied knee. Four teams of differeing skill and fitnesses took to the seethingly humid concrete courts, our team, which comprised of two SLAC members being myself and E.Pulie were fortunate to have some alcohol fuelling our unbridled enthusiasm for the game. Unfortunately eskies were not common place around the courts so Wild Slacks were fortunate to be able to call for emergencey refreshments after the 1st brutal and energy sapping netball round. It was indeed tough, rough, highly competitive and all down to bodies and one ball. Umpiring was strict for most games except for one half which a young fellow yuri controlled... this half was much more layed back which made for a more freeflowing game... to the shock of some. The days that followed made one almost curse that netball afternoon as musles I never thought I had began to become concrete heavy and filled with ache. These ailments passed a few days later and amusement at the afternoon began to shine in the memory. Good to meet and bond with the other Wild Slacs team mates all of whom put in a corageous and heart felt effort.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Initially I made it that comments weren't allowed from the public on the blog, because when I first set it up I received a spam comment almost immediately.

But now I've found out how to ensure automatic robot spammers can't leave comments, and have changed the blog settings so that anyone can leave comments, after entering a woozy, coded word.

Hopefully people use our comments facility wisely.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It has been suggested to me that the apostrophes I had placed within the club's name - Sydney Ladies' Artist's Club - are not necessary, and are perhaps grammatically incorrect.

While I had put a lot of thought into the name and its need for apostrophes (and felt fairly certain that it was correct), the idea that it may be wrong led me to investigate further.

I tried the name both with and without apostrophes within Microsoft Word, and it was fine with both versions. I asked my friend, a coypwriter, his opinion, and he agreed with the suggestion that the apostrophes weren't needed. Also, without apostrophes the title looked cleaner and more modern - so I have removed them.

If any members of the club have any further opinion on this, or some expertise in the area of grammar, I would love to know what you think.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This woman showed me how to do it. I double everything and put in extra garlic, onion and whatever looks or smells like an onion from chives to shallots to things with long green stalks (i.e. coriander).
Combine 1 or two or more avocados, 1 tablespoon lemon (or whole), 1 tablespoon grated onion, 1 teaspoon salt ( I put a quarter) and a teaspoon of cumin instead of chili powder.
Spread top with 1/3 cup mayonaise (or more)
( I use either that Norganic Soya mayo or the Best Foods American stuff) .
At serving time, stir in mayoniase.


Not so much rules - these are more like guidelines, to indicate how the club will run and what it is, so that everyone is clear on what’s going on, and so that the club is as open and free as possible...


* All types of activities/meetings can come under the SLAC umbrella
* Any member can organise a SLAC activity
* The organiser of an event is obliged to invite all members to the event, via group email & blog
* Activities/meetings must have a report/minutes posted on the blog by the organiser, not too long after the event
* Members are not obliged to attend any/all activities
* Membership remains current, even if a member attends no functions/never posts on the blog – unless (of course) the member resigns from the club
* Members will be advised in advance/in the invitation if a meeting/event is to be recorded electronically
* Members are not to be offended by any other member’s non-attendance at a meeting/event that they have organised
* A total of two members (including organiser) must be present if it is to be an official SLAC event
* The organiser of an event makes their own decision as to whether it will be a ‘members only’ event, or whether other people (including men) will be invited

Blog Objectives

* To act as a record of SLAC’s activities/minutes of meetings
* To inform members of upcoming events
* To post useful information for members
* To be available for the public to look at
* Can be posted on by any member, but members are not obliged to post on the blog (unless they have organised an event, in which case they are obliged to report on that event, see above)

There is no central organising committee for The Sydney Ladies’ Artist’s Club; rather, individual members are to take responsibility for organising events, either on their own or in conjunction with other members.

Monday, December 05, 2005

REPORT - NETBALL GALA DAY Sunday 4th December 05

Our team - S Shera, A Rowell, Yuri, E Pulie, Tim Hilton, Nori, Sam
Photo: L Kelly

The Netball Gala Day was held at the Moore Park netball courts, in the searing heat of Sunday afternoon. Two members from the Sydney Ladies Artists Club attended (E Pulie & S Shera), and combined with team members from The Wild Boys collective (Tim Hilton and Nori), to form a team called Wild Slacs. Since this still only made up 4 members (a netball team needs at least 7), 3 guests completed the team: A Rowell, Yuri, and Sam. Two other SLAC members were in attendance: L Kelly (in the role of supporter/photographer), and D Coonan (who organised the Gala Day and played for Team Australia).

The competition from the winning team for the day, The Mary Pipes, was fierce – captained by Christopher Hanrahan, they turned up in formation and in uniform, with theme music and choreographed moves ready to go. Unfortunately Wild Slacs played this team first and lost. I can’t remember the score. Netball’s hard, and The Mary Pipes were aggressive and talented.

The second game we played was against the team known as Nancy. The eventual score for this game was 2-all, (although I suspect there was mild objection regarding this result from the Nancies). In this, Wild Slac’s second and final match, we seemed to reach a good level of team co-ordination, and it was generally agreed that further practice as a team could yield good results.

Thanks to DJ Lakey for appearing at half time with a slab of beer, thanks to D Coonan for organising the day, thanks to L Kelly for support and photographs, and thanks to The Wild Boys and guests for making up the team. It was a really fun day, and a fitting occasion for the first official event of the Sydney Ladies Artists Club.

To see more pictures of the day, visit: