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Monday, December 05, 2005

REPORT - NETBALL GALA DAY Sunday 4th December 05

Our team - S Shera, A Rowell, Yuri, E Pulie, Tim Hilton, Nori, Sam
Photo: L Kelly

The Netball Gala Day was held at the Moore Park netball courts, in the searing heat of Sunday afternoon. Two members from the Sydney Ladies Artists Club attended (E Pulie & S Shera), and combined with team members from The Wild Boys collective (Tim Hilton and Nori), to form a team called Wild Slacs. Since this still only made up 4 members (a netball team needs at least 7), 3 guests completed the team: A Rowell, Yuri, and Sam. Two other SLAC members were in attendance: L Kelly (in the role of supporter/photographer), and D Coonan (who organised the Gala Day and played for Team Australia).

The competition from the winning team for the day, The Mary Pipes, was fierce – captained by Christopher Hanrahan, they turned up in formation and in uniform, with theme music and choreographed moves ready to go. Unfortunately Wild Slacs played this team first and lost. I can’t remember the score. Netball’s hard, and The Mary Pipes were aggressive and talented.

The second game we played was against the team known as Nancy. The eventual score for this game was 2-all, (although I suspect there was mild objection regarding this result from the Nancies). In this, Wild Slac’s second and final match, we seemed to reach a good level of team co-ordination, and it was generally agreed that further practice as a team could yield good results.

Thanks to DJ Lakey for appearing at half time with a slab of beer, thanks to D Coonan for organising the day, thanks to L Kelly for support and photographs, and thanks to The Wild Boys and guests for making up the team. It was a really fun day, and a fitting occasion for the first official event of the Sydney Ladies Artists Club.

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