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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

MINUTES - Meeting #4 28/11/05

Drinks at E Pulie’s

Present: 17 members; honorary ladies present: J Balbi, M Balbi
1. Chatted generally about unrelated topics
2. Brief description of club by E Pulie
3. Individual members introduced themselves and their blog pseudonyms to the group
4. Questions and discussion about nature of club; membership, activities, next meeting/events
5. Decided that level of exclusivity regarding invitees to SLAC events would be decided upon by the organiser of that event; for example, if a member wishes to make the event open to the public, they can do so, but if it’s a ladies-only event, that’s fine as well. Also if it’s a members-only event, etc, is up to the organiser.
6. Added further suggested activities to the ‘A – Z of suggested activities’ (see entry for 11/11/05)
7. Loose discussion about making up a SLAC team for the Netball Gala Day (4th December, Moore Park), which is being organised by D Coonan (7 members are required for the team).
8. Slide Night to be held on Friday the 16th December 2005 at 6:30pm (see entry above)
9. E Pulie to make a web-based group site for mailing to and communication with all members
10. Photographs taken of group
11. Loose discussion and viewing of blog, etc.
12. Meeting dissipated, last member left at 10pm


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