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A social and support organisation for invited female artists based in Sydney.

Monday, July 17, 2006

REPORT: Artspace Exhibition planning meeting

waiting for the meeting to start

16th July 2006
, at Loose Projects (thank you to Loose for hosting the event)

Present: M Mayhew, J Brown, L Kelly, S Goffman, P Aitken, Wild Boys (T Fry, T Hilton, R Gurney), S Coombs, J Polkinghorne, A Kay, J Cavallaro, N Saad, P Veitch, S Diamond, L Andrew, E Pulie, B Ivancek

Meeting commenced at 3:30pm


  • Introduction to and outline of project delivered by L Kelly; discussed ‘brief’ of exhibition/dates/what is involved
  • Discussed nature of club, in regards to the way in which the exhibition is being run/curated
  • Question was raised as to how all members can be involved in show
  • It was determined that L Kelly is co-ordinator of exhibition
  • S Goffman’s outlined her project
  • A Kay & J Cavallaro outlined their project, plus discussed extra ideas they’ve had
  • Talked about setting up a discussion board online for the exhibition in order to aid communication about the show’s planning/progress
  • We should put the Wild Boys on Yahoo Group in order that they may be kept up to date about show
  • Existing club blog will be used during show for reports/announcements/documenting events, etc
  • Desired ‘collaborative’ nature of show was emphasised; questions raised as to how this will eventuate in actuality
  • P Aitken raised ‘social club’ nature of SLAC, and the importance of making this apparent via the exhibition
  • Wild Boys outlined their project and ideas
  • L Kelly talked about the Artspace catalogue and the idea of producing a separate publication for exhibition as well
  • The idea of ‘interventions’ was raised, a la The Guerrilla Girls
  • The idea of staging of an ‘Annual General Meeting’ for the exhibition was raised
  • Many further ideas were raised and discussed
  • The ‘exclusive’ nature of the club was raised, versus its inclusiveness – these notions to be discussed further in the future
  • P Vietch talked about her ideas for the show; also addressed the idea of the show being ‘anything goes’ in nature, versus issues of control
  • The issue of funding was raised, in relation to the way it determines a ‘free-flowing’ versus a more ‘controlled’ manner of organising the show

Meeting dissipated slowly into many separate conversations at 5pm approximately