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Monday, May 22, 2006

REPORT: Reading Group Event

Afternoon Tea

On Saturday the 20th May, the first SLAC reading group event took place at 3pm at E Pulie's house. Eight members attended.

The reading was an edited transcript of a short film made by Luca Babini in 1992, wherein the author and academic Camille Paglia held a conversation with the actress and model, Lauren Hutton, about matters such as feminist thought, date rape, and the difference between the sexes. (Transcript printed in 'Vamps & Tramps - New Essays' by Camille Paglia, Viking 1994).

Not all members were enamoured with the points of view taken by Ms Paglia & Ms Hutton in the transcript, and I tend to feel we didn't really get to the bottom of these differences of thought within the hour or so of conversation that we had about the reading. Still, it brought up some interesting points and conversations around these subjects.

The next reading was handed out by L Day (date for discussion to be confirmed).

A future exhibition opportunity for the club was raised for discussion with the group by L Kelly.

For 2 more photos of the event, go to:


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