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A social and support organisation for invited female artists based in Sydney.

Thursday, February 16, 2006



Clubs for artists don’t seem to exist so much any more. There are co-operatives, and collaborations, but clubs? Not really.

It seems like in centuries past there were lots of clubs, or groups of artists, which formed due to a shared sense of feeling left out of, or misunderstood by, the mainstream art world. Contemporary Art Societies were formed by artists whose work was so cutting-edge that it wasn’t recognised as art by the establishment, and they provided exhibition and discussion opportunities for artists of like-mind.

I don’t think of the Sydney Ladies Artists Club as being a refuge for like-minded artists necessarily, or as a place where artists who are unrecognised can go for mutual support. In this sense the club may be almost a simulation of those artist’s clubs of earlier years, borrowing the framework, but not necessarily arising from the same impulse.

Rather, perhaps, the Sydney Ladies Artists Club provides the artists involved with the chance to emphasise their activities and socialisation as artists, their lives as artists, over their art.


Blogger E.Richardson said...

it makes me think that an artists life is in some respects a public one

someone only commented to me recently how knowing personal things about my history, made a certain sense with the work i have made. and I know for myself how much more I 'get' what another artist is doing if I know them a little - even if I don't like the work i still have more of an 'in' to it.

of course an artists intention is not a prescriptive element to an art works interpretation in the public domain, and for myself i know that i crave outside analysis of what i do. (maybe analysis is not the right sentiment but you know what i mean)

compared to 'celebrities' artists live very reclusive private lives - but there is always a performative element to being an artist - re: 'other people' be they men or invited women at our meets - well does it perhaps create a self conscious awareness, a staged event in a way where we specifically perform our artistic selves.

personally i believe being an artist is not something i have been able to give up too easily

i love the rush of exposing myself

10:48 am  
Blogger mayhem said...

Can I wear my lawn bowls outfit?

11:57 am  

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