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Monday, January 30, 2006

Slide night 2

After attending Slide Night 2, I agreewith you Liz - sometimes it's just easier to keep the sexes apart. I would like to suggest we stick with our kind for these events. After all it is a Ladies Club. I much prefer comments, such as at the Slide Night, from the Ladies, I think the discussion can really then grow. I see this as a meeting with some people rather than a public showing. I love Regina's rules: 4 slides only, and on the other hand found all the images presented that night icebergs for exploration. More! And with the audience we have chosen , so we can fart and complain as much as we want ( metaphorically)
I posted this acouple of times-exploring all avenues...


Blogger reg said...

Thanks to all who attended, ladies and guests.
Another interesting evening, highlights include
Phillipa's desert prison, Sarah's pussey finger and of course, Carla's installation slides of work only she had a problem with.
This was suggested as an idea for another slide night - your own loved and hated work.
Another thought, was to offer a theme/subject to the ladies for exploration in slide form. May be technically difficult for some?
Thanks again to Ron & George for the venue loan and Anna for arranging that.
How about another night in March?
What's the event for February??

10:47 pm  
Blogger E.Richardson said...

Kenya - Where Women Rule

Next week, Dateline visits one of the most patriarchal parts of the world where, oddly enough, a women’s-only village is thriving.

In remote northern Kenya, a group of tribal Samburu women have established the all-female village of Umoja, after their husbands violently discarded them. The women say they had been raped by British soldiers from a nearby army base, and, as a result, abandoned by their husbands who claim they have shamed their community.

Elizabeth Tadic spent two weeks in the harsh African desert and brought back an unusual story about gender relations.

9:34 am  
Blogger S.Goffman said...

I love men, but feel the ladies club offers an unusual place for women to get together, and not be inhibited by men. I find myself quite self-conscious when there are men present, but understand that in public meetings (in public places) there will be men present. I don't feel like we are entertaining them, they are showing respect by attending, and not trying to dominate proceedings. It is my own socialisation that makes me self conscious, perhaps because I've been taught to try and please men. But in the SLAC group I want us to explore these dilemmas and not hide them away as though they don't exist.

1:13 pm  
Blogger E Pulie said...

I don't feel uncomfortable with men around, if they're meant to be there. I want to point out that it's up to the organiser of a SLAC event to decide as to whether they would like men to be present or not, and to let everyone know. So some events will be ladies-only, if the organising member chooses it to be that way. That's what we decided at the first general meeting.

6:00 pm  
Blogger ap said...

I think some men are self conscious and inhibited but sort of turn it into ego or something, but that can then make woman self conscious and inhibited, but in a different way.
The Dateline about Kenya sounds really interesting - fancy shaming your community because someone else has tortured you - that's not a community worth living in.

2:03 pm  

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