Sydney Ladies Artists Club

A social and support organisation for invited female artists based in Sydney.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Not so much rules - these are more like guidelines, to indicate how the club will run and what it is, so that everyone is clear on what’s going on, and so that the club is as open and free as possible...


* All types of activities/meetings can come under the SLAC umbrella
* Any member can organise a SLAC activity
* The organiser of an event is obliged to invite all members to the event, via group email & blog
* Activities/meetings must have a report/minutes posted on the blog by the organiser, not too long after the event
* Members are not obliged to attend any/all activities
* Membership remains current, even if a member attends no functions/never posts on the blog – unless (of course) the member resigns from the club
* Members will be advised in advance/in the invitation if a meeting/event is to be recorded electronically
* Members are not to be offended by any other member’s non-attendance at a meeting/event that they have organised
* A total of two members (including organiser) must be present if it is to be an official SLAC event
* The organiser of an event makes their own decision as to whether it will be a ‘members only’ event, or whether other people (including men) will be invited

Blog Objectives

* To act as a record of SLAC’s activities/minutes of meetings
* To inform members of upcoming events
* To post useful information for members
* To be available for the public to look at
* Can be posted on by any member, but members are not obliged to post on the blog (unless they have organised an event, in which case they are obliged to report on that event, see above)

There is no central organising committee for The Sydney Ladies’ Artist’s Club; rather, individual members are to take responsibility for organising events, either on their own or in conjunction with other members.


Blogger E.Richardson said...

long live S.L.A.C

8:29 pm  
Blogger E.Richardson said...

long live S.L.A.C

8:30 pm  
Blogger E.Richardson said...

oh i didn't realise it was already there - but i will say it again long live S.L.A.C

8:30 pm  

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