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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Slide Night II

The Sydney Ladies Artists Club is holding its second slide night on Friday the 27th January 2006, at

MOP Projects
Room 16, Level 2
617 Elizabeth Street Redfern

at 7pm.

As for the previous slide night, please bring four slides of any subject matter to present a (maximum) four minute talk, and bring a plate of food and/or a bottle of your choice.

Again, please bring a cushion or chair or something to sit on, as there is limited seating at the gallery and the floor is hard.


Blogger la said...

I posted this comment under "Why a Ladie's Club?" and I am repeating it here where, perjaps it shoul have been...
After attending Slide Night 2, I agree with you Liz - sometimes it's easier to keep the sexes apart. Sometimes it's just easier to keep the sexes apart. I would like to suggest we stick with our kind just for these events. After all it is a Ladies Club. I much rather prefer comments, such as at the Slide Night, from the Ladies. I think the discussion can really then grow. I see this as a meeting with some people rather than a public showing.I love Regina's rules: 4 slides only and the other hand, found all the images presented that night icebergs for exploration. More! and with the audience we have chosen , so we can fart and complain as much as we want ( metaphorically)

1:02 pm  
Blogger S.Goffman said...

I loved the slide night, and thankyou very much for organising it. I hope I didn't disturb people with my comments, and especially you. I just don't believe some of those pictures are real! If they are so wild, why aren't they in the science magazines?
Otherwise, we talked about posting some of the recipes on the blog. I really hope we can share!
My rice rissole things
Brown rice, cooked the day before with spinach and coriander pesto and parmesan mixed through it, and an egg, then I made 'balls' which had to flatten into patties so to stay together, whilst frying. I fried for nearly an hour, thats why they were so crispy, but I think I had had more egg, and then rolled them in flour I would've had better results.
They are based on some of the tasty treats at IKU wholefoods, but are nowhere near as healthy.
Thanks, Lisa for the halva, and waiting on Kate's sausage roll recipe!

1:22 pm  

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