Sydney Ladies Artists Club

A social and support organisation for invited female artists based in Sydney.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Just as this thread was going off I had a weird Sydney Ladies experience - but as the other's are SLAC members I can't claim it as a SLAC event.

I went to the Femininst future Symposium at MOMA which was like a MEGA SLAC - it was BIG - and full of famous old feminists and famous young ones and lots of artists.....

It was awe instpiring - even the nutty bits. Even the really lame 'vagina dialogues' imporomtu performance reading of bad irigarayan style dated angst by two chelsea curators wearing pink fluffy boas and pink tulle shawls. that was so lame it was AWESOME. and very nutty. Orlan was there, but she left at that point....

and at the cocktail soiree afterwards I met Tania Chaly - who was at artspace smae time as new day project and Eugenia Raskopoulos -and we had a very Sydney artie feminist moment.

so I reckon SLAC lives - it's in that spirit of female artists coming together to gossip, network and make crazy plans and there's lots of us doing that - and when people get over the summer slackness there'll be more postings and events...

and I'd REALLY Like to get a big fat female/feminist sydney art herstory shebang happening sometime when i'm stressing a little less about my thesis.....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

VENT (what's wrong with the Sydney Ladies Artists Club?)

Theres nothing wrong with SLAC, look at what its name potentially implies, we do nothing.

This is great. History is full of woman doing everything. Tilling the fields, childbirth, etc...

I like the idea that we have formed this massive network of woman, who might do something and don't. I like the tension of that. We don't have to do anything, don't have to prove anything. SLAC is a monument to that. If we feel like it, we will reassemble for an activity, if we don't, we dont.

There you go. My thoughts on the politics of slackness.

Best, Bronia