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Saturday, January 27, 2007

VENT (what's wrong with the Sydney Ladies Artists Club?)

My disillusionment with the Sydney Ladies Artists Club began when I realised there would never be a secret club handshake. I mean, all the great clubs of the world have something yet we don’t have a thing! No badge, t-shirt, membership card. All we have is the virtual ‘newsletter’ blog that I’m sure most of us now trash when we see it in bold in the inbox.

Yes, I agree that maybe we had different expectations. Some loved the concept of an elite group, others opened the doors to many new members. Some ladies preferred arty activities, others jelly wrestling. It became the ladies choice as it should well be. However, I believe the clubs failings began from the start. We need things like a handshake to build upon.

Ladies, I encourage you to remember those most fantastic nibblies, fine alcohol and girlstrous laughter we experienced. The scintillating conversation, adorable fashion and proud attitude we all contributed to our early meetings.

Voice your concerns, be pro-active! It’s not slack, it’s SLAC!



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