Sydney Ladies Artists Club

A social and support organisation for invited female artists based in Sydney.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

events ideas

* SLAC tennis meet ... dress-ups, sporty paraphernalia, play as well or as crap as you want. Camperdown tennis courts (behind bowling club) are fun & old style.

* SLAC book/music exchange ... members donate unwanted books/cd's to create a floating mobile exchange system (could be good courtside at the sporty events for the non-sporty types?). Could design a SLAC 'book plate' to identify items as property of the exchange.

* open members SLAC emblem/crest/motto design 'exhibition'... could put them on the blog, or show them in someone's house, not necessarily a gallery. Could hook up with FAG Press & have the popularly voted design printed up as a poster? Or make t-shirts or other ephemera good for raffling & fundraising.

* SLAC cake stall/bake-off ... also suggested by birdmonkey, sell by the slice to fundraise for other events. Hold in a park, carpark or on the street?

* jams/preserves/homebrew! FAG press also doing a beer label print run, see , we could get a SLAC special brew label in there. Eatables & drinkables all good fodder for the SLAC fete! (props to A.Doig)

* SLAC sewing bee ... design & make a run of SLAC bags (shoulder/shopping), stencil/ screenprint/stitched... more fun fundraising.

* SLAC end-of-year/mid-year/summer/winter (whatever) FORMAL ... school formal dress flashback, bring a date, scary (but subverted) partner dancing like they made you do at the formal, music, bands, performances. SLAC raffle to raise funds for venue hire etc

* SLAC skillshare tutorials ... members can share tech skills & run intro's to Powerpoint, Photoshop, web design, video etc (cred to anne raven & jpolk for brainstorming this in the past).

* SLAC Erotica short story/composition prize ... short-stories, poems, visual 'compositions'? Celebrity judges (Linda Jaivin? Kathy Bail?), readings, compile texts as a booklet/zine.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Netball Gala Day

Slide Night

There will be a slide night on Friday the 16th December, 6:30pm, at :

Mori Gallery
168 Day St
Sydney NSW 2000

Bring four slides of any subject matter to present a (maximum) four minute talk

Bring a plate of food and bottle of your choice

MINUTES - Meeting #4 28/11/05

Drinks at E Pulie’s

Present: 17 members; honorary ladies present: J Balbi, M Balbi
1. Chatted generally about unrelated topics
2. Brief description of club by E Pulie
3. Individual members introduced themselves and their blog pseudonyms to the group
4. Questions and discussion about nature of club; membership, activities, next meeting/events
5. Decided that level of exclusivity regarding invitees to SLAC events would be decided upon by the organiser of that event; for example, if a member wishes to make the event open to the public, they can do so, but if it’s a ladies-only event, that’s fine as well. Also if it’s a members-only event, etc, is up to the organiser.
6. Added further suggested activities to the ‘A – Z of suggested activities’ (see entry for 11/11/05)
7. Loose discussion about making up a SLAC team for the Netball Gala Day (4th December, Moore Park), which is being organised by D Coonan (7 members are required for the team).
8. Slide Night to be held on Friday the 16th December 2005 at 6:30pm (see entry above)
9. E Pulie to make a web-based group site for mailing to and communication with all members
10. Photographs taken of group
11. Loose discussion and viewing of blog, etc.
12. Meeting dissipated, last member left at 10pm

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sweet Nothings

I'm so thrilled to be on! It feels so serious and official, as compared to just commenting on blogs. I'd better watch my writing, maybe start checking facts too.
Anyway, first things first. I'm sad that other ladies haven't gotten to experience our first 2 meetings, but I guess they serve as trial runs. Dress rehearsals for the real thing. We certainly discovered that Stephanie Alexander has no idea how to make a cucumber sandwich. Seriously, it may be a great book, but everyone should know that 1. the crusts need to be removed and 2. salt and pepper are required. I'll bring along Su Cruikshan's masterpiece next time, for some searing hot Sheila action. Anyway, otherwise the spreads have been magnificent, and we can work on the iced tea (it still tasted great).
I am very excited about the events we've been talking about and I hope my absence does not halt the momentum. I just ask that we hold off with the tennis match till I get back, as I really want to play.
Also, maybe if there are people interested, I was thinking about a wrestling team for Marrickville Jelly Wrestling???

Thursday, November 17, 2005

MINUTES - Meeting #3 11/11/05

Afternoon Tea at EP’s

Comment EP: Wish the iced tea weren’t so cloudy

Present: S Goffman, E Pulie (honorary lady present: M Balbi & later J Balbi)

1. Chatted generally about unrelated topics

2. Decided that EP will organise welcome drinks and invite all suggested members, as well as invite them to join blog, via email

3. SLAC Blog viewed.

Friday, November 11, 2005


A – Afternoon Tea
B – Badminton/Bowls/Beading sessions/Bushwalking/Bake Off
C – Croquet/Clubbing
D – Dancing/Dress Ups/Dinners/
E – Etc.
F – Forums/Fetes
G – General Meetings
H – Happy Hour/Hair Advice Mornings
J – Jamming
K – Kultur sessions/Karaoke
L – Lamington mornings
N – Netball/Natter
O – Opening Attendance/Open Studio
P – Pubs/Palm Reading
Q – Question & Answer Sessions
R – Recreational Workshops
S – Slices/Séances/Swaps/Soap Opera from the people left over from the Mormon's and the Jehovah's/Slide Nights/Slumber Parties/Surfing Lessons
T – Talks/Tennis/Tarot Readings
W – Whatever

Thursday, November 10, 2005

MINUTES - Meeting #2 26/9/05

Lunch at EP’s

Comment SG: I love that dijonnaise spread! Very, very nice

1. Decided on nature and characteristics of club, initially: Primarily a social group, a place where you can speak your mind, and a support group.

2. Membership

-membership by invitation only
-members must be Sydney-based female artists
-membership invitations will be made to immediate associates of EP and SG
-members can invite other SLA’s to join, provided they are accepted by the majority (?)
-membership numbers are limited, within reason, therefore we decided on having chapters. Ours will be the Inner West chapter.
-members can bring lady artist guests from interstate and overseas

3. List of activities A-W produced - NOTE needs revision

4. SLAC Blog: open to members to add content; discussion next time as to named members or not (?)