Sydney Ladies Artists Club

A social and support organisation for invited female artists based in Sydney.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Ladies ladies ladies

Lets take over the Hotel Alexandria!
Actually it was my 40 birthday last week and if you feel like getting together there'll be a do on the corner of Henderson and Garden St. in the beer garden at the back of the Alexandria Hotel on Saturday 18, 2006 from 8:30-12.
Hopefully we'll be screening dvd's on the cine-screen as well!
There is a restaurant there, with yummy food, and of course all the drinks you could ever want.
Partners/offshoots welcome!

REPORT - Opening Event

Opening of 'Never Never' by Sophie Coombs at Yuill/Crowley
Thursday 16th February 2006

Approximately seven SLAC members were present. The opening, held on a humid and steamy evening, was classy and low-key; and the exhibition stylish, varied and fresh.

To see more photos from the event, go to:

Thursday, February 16, 2006



Clubs for artists don’t seem to exist so much any more. There are co-operatives, and collaborations, but clubs? Not really.

It seems like in centuries past there were lots of clubs, or groups of artists, which formed due to a shared sense of feeling left out of, or misunderstood by, the mainstream art world. Contemporary Art Societies were formed by artists whose work was so cutting-edge that it wasn’t recognised as art by the establishment, and they provided exhibition and discussion opportunities for artists of like-mind.

I don’t think of the Sydney Ladies Artists Club as being a refuge for like-minded artists necessarily, or as a place where artists who are unrecognised can go for mutual support. In this sense the club may be almost a simulation of those artist’s clubs of earlier years, borrowing the framework, but not necessarily arising from the same impulse.

Rather, perhaps, the Sydney Ladies Artists Club provides the artists involved with the chance to emphasise their activities and socialisation as artists, their lives as artists, over their art.

Friday, February 03, 2006

SLAC Opening Attendance event

There will be a SLAC Opening Attendance event for the opening of Sophie Coomb's exhibition, Never Never, at Yuill/Crowley Gallery (5th Floor, 4-14 Foster St Surry Hills) on Thursday the 16th February, 6-8pm.

(Obviously you don't need to RSVP or cater or anything, just show up if you can/want to)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

REPORT - Slide Night II

I am going to take the liberty of montaging some of the comments recently added to the posts below to make a report for the second SLAC Slide Night (I really hope the comment-makers don't mind me doing this...)

'Reg' said - 'Thanks to all who attended, ladies and guests. Another interesting evening, highlights include Phillipa's desert prison, Sarah's pussey finger and of course, Carla's installation slides of work only she had a problem with. This was suggested as an idea for another slide night - your own loved and hated work. Another thought was to offer a theme/subject to the ladies for exploration in slide form - may be technically difficult for some? Thanks again to Ron & George for the venue loan, and Anna for arranging that. How about another night in March?

'S Goffman' said - 'We talked about posting some of the recipes on the blog. I really hope we can share! My rice rissole things: Brown rice, cooked the day before with spinach and coriander pesto and parmesan mixed through it, and an egg; then I made 'balls' which had to flatten into patties so to stay together, whilst frying. I fried for nearly an hour, that's why they were so crispy, but I think had I had more egg and then rolled them in flour I would've had better results. They are based on some of the tasty treats at IKU wholefoods, but are nowhere near as healthy. Thanks, Lisa for the halva, and waiting on Kate's sausage roll recipe!

* To see more images from Slide Night II, go to: