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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

REPORT: Jelly Wrestling

beer swilling Feminazi & SLAC member J.Polk, ringside at the Oxford

Jelly Wrestling at The Oxford Tavern
10th May, 9pm

Notwithstanding the slender turnout from the SLAC/Bilateral Petersham contingent, the hot topic of female spectatorship at raunch events like live jelly wrestling was spectacularly and disturbingly foregrounded during last week's excursion to The Oxford Tavern.

Actually there WERE a lot more ladies in attendance at the Oxford this time than last time. Our own party of six plus a fair smattering of women and a spunky boi or two acclimatised in the front bar before the wrestling commenced. The only hitch was that there were a WHOLE lot more men in attendance as well. Jolly big gaggles of them, and this time markedly younger. The energetics of a room packed with early twenty-somethings was quite different to the contained & dour vibe of the middle-aged council worker set from a fortnight before. Testosterone gathered like storm clouds. There was no way this gig was going to be stackable, but there we were, along for the ride.

Trooping out to the back room for round one with our drinks, it became even clearer what a different evening we were in for. The room was jammed, with rows of folk standing as well as seated, blowing out the ‘intimacy’ - if that’s what you’d call it. The MC had absorbed the quirk of women being present in the audience and committed it to his obnoxious auto-commentary (“good to see the ladies along tonight, and we look forward to seeing a few of you in the ring yourselves later on!!”). And lo & behold, Claudia was in the ring! Some of us were already privy to Claudia’s power-packed performance style, having admired her sassy striptease dance routines & astonishing muscle control on our first visit. This was promising!

And indeed on this night it was Claudia single-handedly putting the ‘wrestling’ back into jelly wrestling. The coy smiles, psuedo-holds and general saucy slithering were out the window as menacing grins, flexed biceps and commando rolls were precision wielded in Claudia’s efforts to psych out her valiant opponent, Teagan. Likewise she was putting the ‘SEX’ into the sexy play. It goes without saying that the whole spectacle of jelly wrestling hinges critically on a heterosexual male fascination with lesbian lovemaking. And even more critically on its simulation, so that audiences might glean titillation without having to entertain the actuality of an empowered female sexuality. Typically this is hammed up by your garden-variety wrestler with a repertoire of bottom-slapping & breast-jiggling gestures, with some occasional groin snuffling in a vague semblance of cunnilingus thrown in. But here was Claudia really making a meal out of her opponent’s jelly moistened, bikini-clad crotch. From several innovative angles. Even more interestingly, when it came time to spotlight an audience member for some special jelly attention, Claudia chose the only woman seated in the front row, diving playfully for HER crotch. Yep, it was ladies night all right.

At the close of round one we chatted with another party of ladies who’d read about the SLAC excursion here on the blog care of a cross-posting by Sheilafest (very cool!). Back in the front bar we shared our observations whilst watching the strip shows. Lucy rightly pointed out that despite all the girl-on-girl ‘action’, the wrestling scenarios all inevitably ended in hair-grabbing, rear-mounting simulations of penetration ultimately catering to the male imagination. A number of us decided that stripping was clearly the fall-back mode of employment for classically-trained &/or professional dancers, much like café work for actors or education for artists. And Josie reckoned she’d cracked the insufferable fact that the dancers seemed not to own a skerrick of cellulite, having spotted a give-away wrinkle that suggested some sort of specialist hosiery. We spent a good while peering but the verdict was inconclusive.

From the outset of round two it was obvious that from here on in the evening’s events would be inextricably linked to the presence of a particularly Spirited Lady Spectator also along for the ride at the Oxford that night…

stay tuned for second installment!


Blogger mayhem said...


I wish I could have been there - but I had other things, other things.

Even though I'm not a SLACer - I am a lady and happpy to be at any further evenings of raunchy delight.

good to get the eyeballs out into some cultural cringing

10:57 pm  
Blogger lucazoid said...

second installment?!!! c'mon!!

2:50 pm  
Anonymous mixed wrestling said...

The wrestling event sounds like it was highly entertaining. At least with jelly wrestling, all can have a snack afterwards if someone brought some toast.

6:41 am  

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