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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jelly Wrestling!

It's wet, it's wild, it's the contentious gender spectacle of live jelly wrestling!

SLAC joins forces with Bilateral Petersham for a second round of soft-porn sightseeing at the infamous Oxford Tavern. Soak up the view (& flying jelly) from front row in the back room. Enjoy strip shows between rounds by consummate performers with truly impressive command of their hamstrings. But best of all, be there as we collectively effect a subtle intervention in the event dynamics and displace the primacy of the heterosexual male gaze... we're going to stack the joint with Sydney Ladies, Artists or otherwise!

where: The Oxford Tavern, corner New Canterbury Rd & Crystal St Petersham
when: Wednesday 10th May 9pm
$7 door charge

bring your lady friends!

image courtesy of Sex Bomb Promotions


Blogger jpolk said...

I'm there!
How about a follow up visit to Marrickville RSL's Hot Vegas Nights strip show... 100% FREE every Friday and Saturday night!!!

3:34 pm  
Blogger S.Goffman said...

Where are the pictures from that lovely day? It was such a great thing to do, I wish we had a permanent space set up where we could drop in any time and do our sewing things together. I felt so inspired and would love to know if everything got finished, and what the outcome was for other people.
So post!

2:47 pm  
Blogger S.Goffman said...

Sorry, I meant to post that last one in the sewing day comments.

Good luck with the jelly wrestling.
I don't think I can face it. I keep going over in my head why and can't come to any concrete answers, except that I'm afraid to. I have enough images in my head of things I'd rather not have seen. I don't want to add to that.
It's quite confronting, real live tits and ass. If that is the part of my culture that I have less to do with, although I try to understand the popularity of this as entertainment, but I don't want it in my face. Prudish in a funny way. Perhaps I should go, as my ivory tower has given me less answers than the outside world...

2:56 pm  
Blogger E Pulie said...

I don't think I can watch the jelly wrestling; I find it hard to watch strippers, etc, but I think I'd find it fun to BE one...
I guess it's hard to say this without ever having done it, but if you gave me a choice - 'watch female performers strip/jelly wrestle', versus 'be a stripper/jelly wrestler', I think I'd choose the latter. (Although not in my current, pregnant, state).
I don't know why this is.

12:00 pm  
Blogger L.Kelly said...

thanks E & S for your comments, it's interesting finding out people's feelings. In a way it's probably more sensible to think about it in advance... last time I found myself front row watching something unlike anything I'd ever seen before & realised I hadn't thought at all about how it would make me feel, which was quite confronted, for sure. I'd been more interested in the 'crossing the threshold' element at a venue that's been a grudge point in my neighbourhood for many moons, & getting a chance to do it playfully with like-minded folk...

Watching the strippers & the wrestlers I could observe myself looking for intellectual points to hang my hat on, keeping an internal distance from the full-frontal physicality... it's a pretty intense mind/body conundrum really. Because the politics and spatial dynamics are SO ripe, it's fascinating! But then so bizarre in that you see everything but it's like there's nothing to see. Nothing sexy about it to me.

Liz I totally agree that it would be a lot more engaging to be in the active position of the wrestler/stripper than the gazing gazer (male or female). I really admired the women for their open ease with their bodies, not to mention physical prowess, & was totally starstruck by one stripper, who seemed the best case scenario of a right-on, empowered woman fully proud of her killer body, grooving along to her favourite songs... she was a goddamn inspiration.

2:18 pm  
Blogger E Pulie said...

Thinking about this further, I realised that maybe I prefer to be a woman performing than watch other women perform because of pure jealousy - I feel uncomfortable when men are looking at other sexy chicks onstage doing their thing when I'm there in the same room being totally overlooked! It's like, 'what about moi?', kind of thing. 'I'm a sexy chick too!' So there's no real appeal for me to be present; I don't get off on watching the girls perform (even if I do admire their beauty/sexiness/talent), and I certainly don't get off on being ignored by all the men in the room!

1:47 pm  
Blogger L.Kelly said...

for anyone interested there will be a spot on this SLAC excursion on community radio 2SER's Overdrive program monday the 8th around 4pm, with a special playing of interviews with the Sex Bomb jelly wrestlers from a radio documentary made by host Daz Chandler... tune in!

7:39 pm  

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