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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Netball Bonanza

A fantastic review and photos by E.Pulie of the competitive ball game gala day, netball.
As another member of SLAC I've added here a few remarks:
It was an afternoon filled with sweat, small heart attacks from some bodies that wern't what they were when young, competitive streaks and one bloodied knee. Four teams of differeing skill and fitnesses took to the seethingly humid concrete courts, our team, which comprised of two SLAC members being myself and E.Pulie were fortunate to have some alcohol fuelling our unbridled enthusiasm for the game. Unfortunately eskies were not common place around the courts so Wild Slacks were fortunate to be able to call for emergencey refreshments after the 1st brutal and energy sapping netball round. It was indeed tough, rough, highly competitive and all down to bodies and one ball. Umpiring was strict for most games except for one half which a young fellow yuri controlled... this half was much more layed back which made for a more freeflowing game... to the shock of some. The days that followed made one almost curse that netball afternoon as musles I never thought I had began to become concrete heavy and filled with ache. These ailments passed a few days later and amusement at the afternoon began to shine in the memory. Good to meet and bond with the other Wild Slacs team mates all of whom put in a corageous and heart felt effort.


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