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A social and support organisation for invited female artists based in Sydney.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

events ideas

* SLAC tennis meet ... dress-ups, sporty paraphernalia, play as well or as crap as you want. Camperdown tennis courts (behind bowling club) are fun & old style.

* SLAC book/music exchange ... members donate unwanted books/cd's to create a floating mobile exchange system (could be good courtside at the sporty events for the non-sporty types?). Could design a SLAC 'book plate' to identify items as property of the exchange.

* open members SLAC emblem/crest/motto design 'exhibition'... could put them on the blog, or show them in someone's house, not necessarily a gallery. Could hook up with FAG Press & have the popularly voted design printed up as a poster? Or make t-shirts or other ephemera good for raffling & fundraising.

* SLAC cake stall/bake-off ... also suggested by birdmonkey, sell by the slice to fundraise for other events. Hold in a park, carpark or on the street?

* jams/preserves/homebrew! FAG press also doing a beer label print run, see , we could get a SLAC special brew label in there. Eatables & drinkables all good fodder for the SLAC fete! (props to A.Doig)

* SLAC sewing bee ... design & make a run of SLAC bags (shoulder/shopping), stencil/ screenprint/stitched... more fun fundraising.

* SLAC end-of-year/mid-year/summer/winter (whatever) FORMAL ... school formal dress flashback, bring a date, scary (but subverted) partner dancing like they made you do at the formal, music, bands, performances. SLAC raffle to raise funds for venue hire etc

* SLAC skillshare tutorials ... members can share tech skills & run intro's to Powerpoint, Photoshop, web design, video etc (cred to anne raven & jpolk for brainstorming this in the past).

* SLAC Erotica short story/composition prize ... short-stories, poems, visual 'compositions'? Celebrity judges (Linda Jaivin? Kathy Bail?), readings, compile texts as a booklet/zine.


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